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What does the Food Critics say about The Watch Factory Restaurant?

Bob A.

My wife and I have been going to Watch Factory Restaurant for a few years now, and we have NEVER been disappointed. Marcus’ menu and food quality is outstanding. Everything is freshly homemade. His soups are killer. Everything I’ve tried on the menu has been spectacular. The wait staff are exceptional and friendly. Very quiet environment with soft music playing in the background.

As far as those who have said that they couldn’t get in without a reservation, bear in mind that this restaurant has a very unusual policy where their patrons can stay as long as they want. You are never pressured to leave. Just the other night our party of 6 was there for 4 hours. And we could have stayed even longer. So never worry about being pressured to leave to make room for another reservation. This is absolutely our very favorite restaurant!

Posted January, 2016 on Google Reviews