The Watch Factory Restaurant



Austrian synonym for Pinot Noir.

  • J. Hofstätter, Mezcan Pinot Noir, South Tyrol (Alto-Adige) – $45
  • Johanneshof Reinisch, Pinot Noir, Niederösterreich – $45
  • Hopler (Burgenland) – $50


This grape is known as Lemberger in the USA, has boysenberry and cinnamon aromas, good tannin and character. Often racy with good minerality in it’s youth, it becomes rounder and more complex with age. Closer to a Merlot.

  • Paul Achs, Heidedoden, Lemberger
  • Shooting Star, Blue Franc, Washington

Zweigelt (also Blauer Zweigelt)

This is a very rich, medium bodied wine with pleasant acidity and intensive cherry aromas. A Blaufränkisch X St. Laurent crossing. A fine substitute for Southern French wines or Chianti Classicos.

  • Huber, Zweigelt, Traisental
  • Dot, Cherry, Niederösterreich