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Review – Deep Dish

I last interviewed Chef Markus Patsch in 2002. At the time, he was celebrating his seventh year at the Watch Factory Restaurant, his popular Cheshire eatery specializing in Austrian country cuisine.

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Patron Testimonials

  • “ALWAYS FABULOUS” Whenever I retreat to Cheshire, I dine at this restaurant, for hours. I savor each and every drink, morsel and bite for an experience par excellence. The consistency exists for an obvious reason: Markus. Wonderful, spotless surroundings, pleasant service and delicious food. I never wish to leave! CHEERS. Paola. Posted on TripAdvisor, September 3, 2016 Firstlilith
  • "A great surprise" This was (is) a great surprise. I really liked it here. Food & service was both good! I'm comming back. Thank you. Posted on TripAdvisor, September 2016 Paal K Gello
  • Amazing food and ambience - immaculately cooked dishes with a welcome Austrian twist. Posted March, 2016 on Google Reviews Gareth Jones
  • Perfectly portioned, authentic Austrian country cuisine in a comfortably decorated, repurposed space. Nice menu selection in the $20s to the $30s and you get what you pay for. Delicious!

    Note that we ate dinner during the week and there was only one [very friendly] server and the chef, Markus so the service was pretty slow. Make sure you bring good company!

    As of this review, they're closed on Sundays and Mondays,but doublecheck the website and make reservations.

    Posted February, 2016 on Google Reviews
    Todd Jaser
  • The server made this visit amazing. Wifey and I went just to have dessert, but the waitress found a wine to go with it and made sure we had the best dessert they had. Mousse is amazing, I highly recommend you try it. This place earned it's 5 on this dessert alone, can't wait to have appetizers and entre. Posted September, 2016 on Google Reviews Jarrad Valdez
  • Why would an Austrian on a short visit to CT want to dine in an Austrian restaurant? Well, to make it short, do visit the Watch Factory. This is Nouveau Traditional Austrian cuisine of the finest. I had Venison cooked to perfection. You would have to look hard to find such good venison here in Austria. The chef - Markus - understands with craft and a great deal of love to bring out the best of Austrian cuisine. The service was delightfully charming. I had no problem with having to wait for my freshly cooked meal. One has to decide whether one prefers quality or speed. "Gut Ding braucht Weile" ( Good things take time) ... giving things their time to come into their own is what creates "Gemütlichkeit". Lots of it to be found at the Watch Factory plus a great Austrian chef... our loss, your gain. Enjoy your meal, Mahlzeit. Posted October, 2016 on Google Reviews. Susanne Meusel
  • “Superb Austrian Food with matching service...” If you see other reviews of this restaurant, typically people really love it or hate it. They hate it because if you show up to eat without a reservation, even with plenty of open tables, you may be turned away. That can be embarrassing and humiliating. And I understand and appreciate it. BUT.... If you like Austrian food, make a reservation, and visit for dinner (I have done this several times over many years), the food and the service has always... always... been top notch. Never been disappointed with a meal. And the service has typically been welcoming, informative, and respectful. The setting and atmosphere is also a comfortable experience. Classy, subdued, and quiet... easy to talk with friends and family. Posted on TripAdvisor, September 14, 2016 Tom W
  • “Not the first, and not the last time at Watch Factory” We've been coming here for a long time - practically 10ish years. Ron and Kevin, the waiters for dinner, are amazing per usual. They know their stuff, all while giving you enough space to eat and enjoy the atmosphere. Before I came here, I've never tried Austrian food, but it's delicious. Chef Markus is extremely talented! Posted on TripAdvisor, August 26, 2016 KateTheSkiier
  • Love, Love, Love the Watch Factory Restaurant. The waitstaff are the utmost professionals. The food by Chef Marcus is sublime. There is no speed eating here as the goal is NOT to turn over seats as quickly as possible. Each course is served with time in between to digest your food, sip your wine or beer and enjoy the company. Posted July, 2016 on Google Reviews Jennifer Koshak
  • My wife and I have been going to Watch Factory Restaurant for a few years now, and we have NEVER been disappointed. Marcus' menu and food quality is outstanding. Everything is freshly homemade. His soups are killer. Everything I've tried on the menu has been spectacular. The wait staff are exceptional and friendly. Very quiet environment with soft music playing in the background. As far as those who have said that they couldn't get in without a reservation, bear in mind that this restaurant has a very unusual policy where their patrons can stay as long as they want. You are never pressured to leave. Just the other night our party of 6 was there for 4 hours. And we could have stayed even longer. So never worry about being pressured to leave to make room for another reservation. This is absolutely our very favorite restaurant! Posted January, 2016 on Google Reviews Bob A.