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What does the Food Critics say about The Watch Factory Restaurant?

Tom W

“Superb Austrian Food with matching service…”
If you see other reviews of this restaurant, typically people really love it or hate it. They hate it because if you show up to eat without a reservation, even with plenty of open tables, you may be turned away. That can be embarrassing and humiliating. And I understand and appreciate it.
If you like Austrian food, make a reservation, and visit for dinner (I have done this several times over many years), the food and the service has always… always… been top notch. Never been disappointed with a meal. And the service has typically been welcoming, informative, and respectful.
The setting and atmosphere is also a comfortable experience. Classy, subdued, and quiet… easy to talk with friends and family.

Posted on TripAdvisor, September 14, 2016